Your first impression is part of my screening process. Be clear and concise when making contact. Please do not waste my time by dragging or scheduling a booking or parcipating in ping pong conversations. There is zero tolerance for this. Explicit, vulgar communication or one line emails are all simply egnored. I only meet selected clients who communicate in a polite manner and have taken time to read my profile in full.I do not tolerate rude, arrogant or disrespectful clients. If you are one of these you will be banned from seeing me. 

Personal hygiene - I find men who value cleanliness and hygiene more attractive than a foul smelling good looking one. I am always freshly showered and well groomed so expect the same from you. Please ensure you shower within an hour before our date or you can shower when you arrive to see me.

How to contact/make a booking 
Bookings are best booked in advance to assure I’m available at your desired time, however I do also offer same day/short notice bookings, you can call to check if I’m available last minute. 
Pre bookings must be confirmed by 9am on the day of your booking.Regardless of how you contact me initially I will always confirm our time together via phone. I prefer to hear your voice prior to our appointment as it helps us build a connection. I look forward to hearing from you x 

Cancellation policy 
An appointment for pleasure is also a business appointment, please respect my time and yours by offering appropriate notice of cancellations or rescheduling. I appreciate at least a days notice so that I can adjust my schedule accordingly. 

call if your running late and you need to cancel.

Attire requests 
I do not offer uniforms ( apart from office attire ) and I have pvc and leather available for me to wear for you. I’m always dressed in stockings and sexy underwear unless a different look is requested. 

Toxic substances 
I am always level headed, alcohol and drug free and expect the same from you. Being under the influence of any drug/alcohol is a bad idea and I will politely ask you to leave it the booking starts off that way. 

I can not stress this enough, I am not into any rough sexual activity. If I have to tell you off for going rough more than once, I will terminate our meet and ask you to leave without a refund. 

Only play for overtime if you can pay for overtime …. none of us like to work overtime and not get paid, I am not a clock watcher but if you cross the boundaries I most likely won’t see you again.



Can I have a discount?


Can I text you?


Withheld numbers?


Are there any ethnicities you won’t see?


15 minute bookings


What you can expect from me

I dislike 
Arrogance, ignorance, poor hygiene, dishonesty, false promises, price haggling, rough handling, rough sex, dislike to rush. 
Roleplay (sorry I do not offer this) 
Strap on with men (sorry I don’t do this) 
I don’t do watersports or hardsports

Kissing/French kissing 
O with 
Penetration with protection 
Receiving oral 
Gentle touching/caressing 
Girlfriend experience 
Face sitting ( me on you ) 
Foot worship 
Sex toys on me 
BLS (balls licking and sucking) please make sure you are shaven for this. 
Rimming on me 

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    Please note: donations are for my time and companionship only. Any other activities which may or may not occur will be between 2 consenting adults.